Below is a picture gallery of Eastville Stadium from the late 1800's through to its last ever league match in 1986.

Eastville in 1899, as seen from what was later to become the Tote End. In the background are the thirteen railway arches, and to the right is a small grandstand

Eastville in 1905, looking towards the Muller Road terrace with the grandstand to the right

A packed Eastville in 1936, as Rovers are thrashed 5-1 by Arsenal. The glassed enclosure at the end of the South Stand is clearly visible to the right

As Rovers took Newcastle to a replay in 1951, this view of Jeff Fox putting the ball into his own goal shows the covered terracing on the North side of the ground and the low slung lights for the greyhound racing

1951, and the Eastville pitch is well under water. The pitch was raised by 4 inches to help prevent this happening. Eventually the River Frome Flood Relief scheme resolved the problems

1952, and Eastville is packed again for an FA Cup 3rd Round victory over Preston North End. Again the North Enclosure is clearly seen, as is one of the Gasometers behind

August 1958 saw the opening of the North Stand, replacing the old enclosure. Also in view, quite clearly, are the flowerbeds behind the goal

6th September 1959, and the newly installed floodlights are switched on for the first time for a game against Ipswich. This view is from the Tote End

September 1964, and as Bernard Hall tips this Colchester United free-kick over the bar, the Tote End is clearly in view with shallow covering to the left and the Tote to the right

In the same game, as Alfie Biggs goes up for a header, the Tote End is seen on the left, the Gasworks in the centre, some of the remaining old North Enclosure roof remain in one corner and the North stand rises on the right hand side

The cinder training pitch and the 13 Railway arches behind the Muller Road End, as seen from the top of the floodlight pylons

The mostly wooden South Stand as it was in 1966. Note the Commentary Box on the roof and the players entrance just to the right of it

An empty Eastville Stadium on a quiet summer's day

1968, and Eastville is under water again as seen from the Tote End, with the dog kennels to the right. The lights from the greyhound races rise from the water

From the left - the South Stand, the Tote End and the North Stand, as viewed from the Muller Road End

The view from the Muller Road End in May 1979 with the South Stand still in existence. The Tote End 'clocks' are clearly visible, and the Gasometers in the background are full

An ariel view of the stadium in June 1979 prior to the Tesco redevelopment, with the dog kennels just above the M32

August 1980, and the South Stand is fully ablaze

The same scene as viewed from the Tote End

Just a little later, and the full extent of the damage can be seen

1983 - a view of the North Stand from the Tote End, complete with security fences at the front

By 1985, the betting clocks on the facia of the Tote End were replaced with an illuminated Hofmeister sign, seen here in the background, as Brian Williams slots in a penalty against Brentford

April 1986 as Rovers are about to play their last game at Eastville, their spiritual home. The M32 dominates the scene, with a Tesco Supermarket in the North East corner of the ground. The south Terrace no longer has a stand, the Muller Road End is much smaller and the Tote End is adorned with a Hofmeister sign!

After the very last league match at Eastville on 26 April 1986, the supporters invaded the pitch following a tame 1-1 draw with Chesterfield, as this view from the back of the Tote End shows